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Jean-Paul Roy, songwriter

Monday 8 December 2014, by Monique

Hello. My name is Jean-Paul Roy and I have been writing and arranging all kinds of songs for the last forty years. Over the last thirty years I’ve composed almost 1600 songs and written two books. One has already been published by Baco in Ottawa and the other is being prepared for publication. I’m passionate about words.

I’m a native of Abitibi-Temiscamingue and was born the fifth of nine children. At the age of 9 I already had an interest in music, which developed into a passion for me just as it has for so many others who hope one day to make use of their talent.

I’m always looking for new challenges in regards to culture and its development. I strongly share the values of all those who have a passion for their career as artists and I want to always be there to support my colleagues and other artists.

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